Web Site Design and Development

For a growing number of businesses, a professional & functional web site is one of the most important tools they can develop. Many sites today serve multiple purposes for companies such as online marketing, company branding, CRM functions and online payments.

When it comes to marketing online, your web site is the backbone of your entire online presence. It should be clean, professional and give users a clear call to action. When it comes to branding, your site should represent your company accurately and give a consistent look regardless of what device a visitor is using to view your site. 

In addition to presenting your company to potential customers, there are lots of ways your site can serve your existing customers and save you time. The use of online forms, downloadable documents, online payments and other CRM functions are a few ways a functional web site can help your business.

At Joyce Internet Solutions, designing and developing web sites is the original part of our business. We have experience creating all types of web sites, from simple informational sites to interactive, e-commerce and full blow online communities. Whatever the purpose of your web site, we can help through the entire development process.


  • Non-existent or insufficient web site presence
  • Out of date or inconsistent web site design and information
  • Inconsistent company branding
  • Dysfunctional web site that does not support current technologies
  • Unfriendly or incomplete functionality
  • Search engine unfriendly web site


  • A new web site with a modern look and feel, as well as updated content
  • A web site that provides a consistent message and goal across any type of device
  • A web site that is search engine friendly without degrading the user experience
  • A web site with a clear and easy call to action for your visitors

Responsive Design (Mobile & Tablet Friendly)

Regardless of whether your web site is mobile friendly, there are more visitors coming to it via a tablet or mobile device than ever. The increasing number of mobile users and various devices on the market has created a clear need for web sites that can work on any size device at any time. The answer is responsive design.

We can create a new responsive web site for your company that will make it easier for visitors on these devices to view and interact with your site in the way that you intended. And because a responsive site works on any screen, that means only one site to update and a consistent look & feel for your site on all devices.

User Experience

When designing a web site, we certainly want to help you make your site look appealing, clean and professional. In addition to the look & feel of your site, we can help you consider the user experience and how visitors will interact with your site. 

Where do you want the visitor to go? What do you want them to ultimately do? Putting the most important things in front of the user and displaying a clear call to action will increase the number of positive results from your web site.

Search Engine Friendly

Search engine optimization and your internet marketing strategy starts with your web site. We would love to discuss how you can get the most from your web site with a solid internet marketing strategy. If your plan is to generate as much traffic to your web site as possible, then SEO work should start before and during the web site development process. To learn more about our SEO related services, visit our Internet Marketing page.

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